Magneto Therapy Features

  • It employs the effects of the magnetic component of the electromagnetic field.
  • 4.3″ Color touch screen Interface
  • Available up to four magneto therapy channels in single unit.
  • Preset Protocols with graphically designed encyclopedia.
  • Focused Magnetic Field Technology.
  • Pulsed Magnetic Field Technology.
  • Facility to support rectangular, exponential, sine and triangular pulses.
  • User defined series of magnetic pulses.
  • Generate the maximum intensity magnetic field up to 128 mT.
  • Frequency range should be in order to 0-166 Hz.
  • Provide support to operate disc applicator, Double Disk applicator, Multi disc applicator and linear applicator.

Double Disc Applicator

Multi Disc Applicator

Solenoid With Couch