Super Inductive System Features

  • Provides cutting edge technology which is based on high intensity electromagnetic field. The output power provide the positively effect on the human tissue.

  • 8.4″ color touch screen display

  • Patented Technology for unique high-tech solutions.

  • Frequency up to 150 Hz.

  • Intensity range up to 2.5 Tesla.
  • Offers the focused field applicator that ensures precise therapy.
  • QUICK Protocols and Body parts navigation along with encyclopedia to start the program easily.
  • In built patient database facility to stone the patients data.
Laser Therapy Unit
  • Variable six joint arm system and pulse quality monitor.

  • Easy applicator positioning to treat the any part of the body.

  • Ingenious design of the coil in the focused field applicator provides smooth therapy procedure with device.

  • For easy and precise setting of various types of treatment, the applicator is equipped with a comfortable handle attached to the advice through an arm with six degree of freedom.
  • The arm provides the setting of the applicator in to any desired position.
  • Offers the focused field applicator that ensures precise therapy.
  • It provides the comfort and variability.
  • This unique technology provides immediate therapeutic effect.

Super Inductive System

We are leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Super Inductive System in Ahmedabad, India. The technology is based on a high intensity electromagnetic field, which positively affects human tissue. Therapeutic effects include pain relief, fracture healing, mirorelolia, myostimulation and joint mobilization. The ingenious coil design in the applicator allows a regular therapy procedure with the device, even below demanding operating conditions, which are frequencies up to 150 Hz and currents up to 2.5 T.   Unique is also the coil cooling system, which provides the most efficient cooling and guarantees the possibility extended therapy times, even if set to values that determine the maximum possible load on the device. The super inductive BTL system includes exclusive high-tech solutions. The applicator and the 6-jointed arm are optimized down to the smallest detail. For an easy and precise adjustment of the different types of treatments, the applicator is equipped with a comfortable handle attached to the unit through an arm of freedom of 6 degrees.   The arm makes it possible to position the applicator in the desired position. We offer this Super Inductive System as per the varied specification of the customers at the reasonable prices.


  • Available in wide range of sizes
  • Requires 150 Hz frequency approx
  • Easy in operation
  • They are very light weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Made up of superior quality material
  • Possess longer shelf life
  • Have screen to monitor the pulse quality
  • Also have touch screen for easy operation
  • Navigation is simple